Hammer Disassemble

If possible, break the thread joints on the Drill Rig, otherwise use a hydraulic breakout bench.

Disassemble the hammer with the hammer lying horizontal if possible

  1. Remove the Circlip that holds the Adaptor Nozzle.
  2. Remove the Adaptor Nozzle and the Inner Tube Together.
  3. Remove the Drive Sub, Percussion Bit and Bit Retainer Rings.
  4. Push the Piston Bearing Bush up the hammer to clear the Piston Retainer Ring.
  5. Remove the Piston Retaining Ring. A small tool with a pointed end can be used to pry the retaining ring from the groove. Slide the tool into the relief groove and flick the retainer ring into the piston case. Care should be taken not to scratch the piston Case.
  6. Slide the Piston Bearing Bush out of the hammer.
  7. Slide the Piston out of the bottom end of the hammer.
  8. Unscrew the Top Cylinder from the Piston case.
  9. By turning the Top Cylinder upside down the Check Valve and spring should fall out.

Wash all of the components with a cleaning solvent and immediately dry with high pressure air. Immediately coat all components with lubricant to prevent oxidization as surface damage may have occurred during drilling allowing oxidization to occur quickly.