Hammers Storage

Short term Storage (1 or 2 weeks)

  1. Blow the hammer clear of all water while still on the Drill Rig
  2. Pour 1 litre of Rock Drill Oil into the Hammer
  3. Turn the Air on and cycle the hammer against a block of wood for 10 seconds. This will lubricate the internal components.
  4. Remove the hammer from the Drill Rig and cap the Top Sub end of the Hammer

Long term Storage (more than 3 weeks)

Completely dismantle the hammer and follow the hammer reassembly direction of this manual. Store the hammer with both ends capped in a dry place, with the hammer in a horizontal position.

Before re-starting after long periods of inactivity, disassemble the hammer and inspect all internal components for rust. Use a light emery to remove any oxidization , completely wash and dry the hammer and re-assemble following the directions in this manual.