Lubrication is the single most important operation to achieve maximum hammer performance and life. Lubrication is vital to minimize part wear, corrosion and premature failure of your DTH Hammer. Schramm Hammers and bits recommends the use of a reputable Rock Drill Oil. The following chart shows different brands and specifications of Rock Drill Oil. Schramm Hammers and Bits recommends the use of environmentally safe Rock Drill oils and greases such as Matex Drilling RDO 302 ES (Rock Oil) and Thread Compound (ES Thread Compound). Rock Drill Oils are designed to provide extreme pressure capabilities, rust and corrosion protection, antifoam properties, adherence to internal tool surfaces, and good emulsion characteristics.

Oil Grease
Manufacturer Product Name Product Name Thread ‘O’ Ring
Operating Temp up to 32° Operating Temp above 32°
Matex RDO 302 ES RDO 302 ES ES Thread Compound
Shell TORCULA 100 Tonna T220 HP Thread Grease
Castrol RD OIL 100 Magna CF220 Castrol Lyt Red Rubber Grease

As with all lubrication too much or not enough lubrication will both affect the operation of your DTH Hammer. The following chart shows the recommended Litres per hour at selected CFM. Pouring oil down the rod line when each new rod is added may cause the hammer to hydraulically lock causing drilling down Time. SHB recommends the use of a Hammer lubricator.

Effects of incorrect Hammer Lubrication

The major source of damage to DTH hammers (Excluding wear and tear) is incorrect lubrication. DTH hammers operate in some of the worst environmental conditions encountering extreme heat, pH levels, salinity and a wide variety of rock formations containing acidic and basic chemical compositions.

All of the above conditions can lead to pitting and hydrogen embrittlement of the metal components causing premature failure of the hammer components. Correct water injection utilizing clean water and correct oil injection rates will help to minimize the corrosive effects of the chemicals encountered.

To minimize damage and premature wear, it is highly recommended that drillers should service the hammer immediately before reusing or storing the hammer.